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Hello there! This is Jason, your ADRENALINE BOW HUNTS EXPERT.

I'd like to talk to you a little bit about success rates, opportunity, and what a successful bow hunt looks like to me.





First off, let's take a moment to understand what it means to be a bow hunter. By definition, a bow hunter is someone with incredible patience and able to be still and quiet, sometimes for hours on end. Waiting and Hoping for that ultimate close encounter and the opportunity to release and arrow. Be it for sustenance, survival, or simply the thrill, it doesn't matter. That's what a bow hunter is. Adrenaline is their life blood. It is OUR life blood.


Not all hunts are created equally nor are all hunts successful by the traditional definition of going by kill rate. My definition of a successful hunt looks like this: I've been well fed, had great conversation with a small group of like-minded folks, seen plenty of deer, had encounters with deer, and had a good time in camp, then I feel I have had a successful hunt. By this standard I feel out success rate is pretty close to 100 percent!



I can guarantee that by my definition of a good hunt, you will have an amazing time. Enough so, that kill or no kill you'll probably rebook with us because you crave to feel that visceral thrill of being mere yards away, silently stalking your prey again, knowing at any minute they might take notice if you aren't putting every ounce of who you are into the hunt. If all you want is the kill, and not the incredible life changing experience of working together like our ancestors did, bow in hand, to make that kill happen, then you're just coming for a trophy, not the experience.


At ADRENALINE BOW HUNTS, we eat, sleep, and breath bow hunting. It is how we reconnect with our primal selves and feel the rush that our ancestors did every single day just to survive. It is how we appreciate being top of the food chain apex predators in the modern day.

Come get your blood pumping with the ADRENALINE experience. Call me direct at 830-534-2596 to book your hunt today.

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