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How To Install Windows 7 SP1 In Multiple Languages On Your PC

Download Windows 7 SP1 Multi Language x32 x64 DVD.iso for Free

If you are looking for a way to install Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1) in multiple languages on your PC, you might be interested in downloading Windows 7 SP1 Multi Language x32 x64 DVD.iso. This is an all-in-one ISO file that contains the following versions of Windows 7:

How to Install Windows 7 SP1 in Multiple Languages on Your PC

  • Windows 7 Home Basic SP1 x64

  • Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 x64

  • Windows 7 Professional SP1 x64

  • Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 x64

This ISO file also supports the following languages (ISO 639 codes):

  • ar-sa (Arabic)

  • bg-bg (Bulgarian)

  • cs-cz (Czech)

  • da-dk (Danish)

  • de-de (German)

  • el-gr (Greek)

  • en-us (English)

  • es-es (Spanish)

  • et-ee (Estonian)

  • fi-fi (Finnish)

  • fr-fr (French)

  • he-il (Hebrew)

  • hr-hr (Croatian)

  • hu-hu (Hungarian)

  • it-it (Italian)

  • ja-jp (Japanese)

  • ko-kr (Korean)

  • lt-lt (Lithuanian)

  • lv-lv (Latvian)

  • nb-no (Norwegian BokmÃl)

  • nl-nl (Dutch)

  • pl-pl (Polish)

  • pt-br (Portuguese-Brazilian)

  • pt-pt (Portuguese-Portugal)

  • ro-ro (Romanian)

  • ru-ru (Russian)

  • sk-sk (Slovak)

  • sl-si (Slovenian)

  • sr-latn (Serbian-Latin)

  • sv-se (Swedish)

  • th-th (Thai)

  • tr-tr (Turkish)

  • uk-ua (Ukrainian)

  • zh-cn (Chinese-Simplified)

  • zh-hk (Chinese-Hong Kong SAR)

You can download Windows 7 SP1 Multi Language x32 x64 DVD.iso for free from the Internet Archive[^2^]. The check sum of the ISO file is:

SHA256: 08F6B9F1876BF6C41492D92A15046B45EAF431263B8714B95D64D99EA5AC0BBD

To install Windows 7 SP1 from this ISO file, you will need a DVD burner or a USB flash drive with at least 4 GB of space. You will also need to disable your antivirus software before the installation, as it might prevent or slow down the installation. You can follow these steps to install Windows 7 SP1 from Windows Update[^1^]:

  • Select the Start button > All programs > Windows Update.

  • In the left pane, select Check for updates.

  • If any important updates are found, select the link to view available updates.

  • In the list of updates, select Service Pack for Microsoft Windows (KB976932) and then select OK.

Note: If SP1 isnât listed, you might need to install some other updates before installing SP1. Install any important updates and then follow these steps again to check for SP1.

  • Select Install updates. You might be asked for an admin password or to confirm your choice.

You will need to restart your computer about halfway through the installation. After SP1 is installed, sign in to your PC. You might see a notification indicating whether the update was successful. If you disabled your antivirus software before the installation, make sure you turn it back on.

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